Pranklopedia April Fools' Countdown: Prank #7

Phone Fun

This prank lets you freeze your victim’s phone (temporarily!). You'll need to choose a victim who has trusted you with the password to their phone (and who has a fine sense of humor).

Start by taking a screenshot of the phone's home screen.

Drag all the folders and apps to the right until they move to the next screen.

Find the screenshot you just took in the Photos app and set it as the home wallpaper.

Then put the phone back where you found it and act very concerned when your victim tries in vain to use it.

Pranklopedia April Fools' Countdown: Prank #6

Don't Just Kick Me!

No one knows exactly when or how April Fools’ Day got started, but it goes back at least 250 years in France, England, and Scotland. The Scots were especially keen on the idea, and extended the celebration to two days. The second day was devoted to pranks involving people’s hindquarters, and some say it was the Scots who made the first Kick Me sign.

There’s nothing wrong with a good Kick Me sign, but if you’ve pulled that prank a few too many times, try taping one of these signs to your victim’s back instead.

Ask me if you can use my cell phone.

Ask me for a dollar.

Tell me I look like ____________.


Ask me if I speak French.



Pranklopedia April Fools' Countdown: Prank #5

The Amazing Shrinking Underwear

This pranks costs a few bucks, but it’s worth the expense. It’s ideal to pull on a sibling.

First, check out the exact brand and size of your victim’s underwear. Then buy the same style but in one size smaller, and then one size smaller than that, and one size smaller than that.

On Day 1 of your prank, sneak several pairs of the one-size smaller underwear in the victim’s drawer where they are sure to grab it first. The next day, sneak the twice as small pairs into the drawer. Continue on Day 3. If your victim mentions that something crazy is happening with their underwear, say that maybe they need to go on a diet if nothing fits anymore.

You can also do this prank with socks, T-shirts, hats, or other clothing.



Pranklopedia April Fools' Countdown: Prank #4

April Fools' Showers

 This prank is best to pull on someone who can take a joke...or rather, a soak.

To do the prank, your kitchen sink must have a sprayer hose. Without pulling the hose out, put a rubber band tightly around the handle of the sprayer so it’s held down in the “on” position. Make sure it’s pointed in the direction of a person who is standing at the sink.

Then wait for your victim to come in and turn on the water. The water will come through the sprayer instead of the faucet and deliver a nice, cool, April Fools' shower.